Ciska Meister (she/they)
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along the lines of film, video and other forms of moving image.

When asked to characterise their practice, Ciska usually resorts to the description 'along the lines of film, video and other forms of moving image.' A statement that affords them an abundance of freedom. So if they allow themselves to concretise their biography, then:

Ciska is a documentary-filmmaker, with the inclination to challenge the conventions, expectations and implications of the genre. For them, filmmaking is not a question of simply shouting opinions into the world. Rather than working towards a perfectly pre-conceptualised audiovisual end product, they consider it most important to think in filmmaking-processes that centre critical (self-)reflection. At the core of this practice is an ambition to build earnest, trusting and curious relationships with the people they work with (in front of and behind the camera). 

Their study of Audiovisual Design at the art academy of Rotterdam, their minor in Philosophy at the Free University of Amsterdam and work as a freelancer in the cultural sector have shaped them to become a curious, analytical and critical filmmaker and artist, who doesn’t shy away from experiments. In their work, they tend to explore intersections, such as the ones where film crosses theatre, where feminism crosses queerness, where academic research crosses intimate stories.