> other audiovisual work

Deliberately Vulnerable (2019)
> Fashion film

>     Deliberately Vulnerable is a project of the fashion designer Amke de Jong.
It researches how the deliberate choice to be vulnerable within the social construction of masculinity and femininity can mobilise political resistance, based on Judith Butler’s theory on Vulnerability and Resistance. This vulnerability is found within the relationship of fashion, gender and the body. I shot and edited a fashion film showcasing her collection.

A Euphoric Sensation
> 2-channel installation

>    A Euphoric Sensation is a 2-channel video installation, developed by Ernest Wereko and Ciska Mei.
The installation is playful exploration (and in part a critique) of the ways in which language is used to describe the visual arts. 

Outside Johnny’s
> Music video

>    Outside Johnny's is Lovebinger's first music video.
Love Binger is a solo project by Brian Murphy. Binger is a young man who lives in a room that forces him to write and produce his own music. He loves everyone and hates the rest.

YvonneSonneRegentonne (2021)
> Nonsensical short clip

The Art of Trying (2019)
> Collaborative short film

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